Sell video games and earn money online with a 70% commission, and it's FREE!

Have you ever heard about Big Fish Games, the global leader in the casual games industry? They have a program Click to earn money online today!that allows you to sell their video games on your own website and earn money online for every game sold, and it's 100% FREE! Game Store Builder has the purpose of helping you optimize your income through Big Fish Games. We do this by providing you with the information, tools and services you need to start and run your very own Big Fish Games store with your own work from home business.


 Have your own game store up and running in 5 minutes!  

If you want to have a work from home business, starting your own website selling Big Fish Games is fast and easy. Once you have your own hosting plan you can sign up for a Big Fish Games account and download the Satellite Gamesite System, which is a fully featured website for selling Big Fish Games that helps you earn money online with your work from home business. Just upload the Satellite Gamesite System to your web server and run the installer, you will be done in minutes!
Once installed you will have your own game store looking like our demo, but several other FREE templates are included! If you sign up for a hosting plan from us you will also get FREE advertisement credit from Google Adwords, you can use these credits to advertise your new game store and earn money online with your work from home business!


Big Fish Games Affiliate Program - How does it work? 

Once you start your work from home business you need to create your own game store, and use it to bring in customers to Big Fish Games by referring them through your game store. When you refer users that make a qualified purchase, they will be bound to your account and you will earn money online from EVERY purchase they make for a whole year.


What can I expect to earn? 

This program is based on a continuous referral of new customers through your own game store. Your earnings will start at one rate and as long as you continue to work from home and refer customers as a partner with Big Fish Games, the structure of the program will result in your earnings growing every month at a potentially exponential rate. This is due to very low customer churn rate, multiple monthly recurring subscription offerings and a very high commission rate at 70%. Early adopters of the program generally experienced to earn money online comparable to other affiliate programs in the first month, but then saw monthly growth rates ranging from 50% to 100% per month, every month.


Why do I need Game Store Builder?

We like to think of ourself as a one stop resource center for information on starting and running your very own Big Fish Games game store.

  • If you are not satisfied with the basic game store that Big Fish Games has to offer, then you can modify them with the help of our articles and forum.
  • If you don't like the themes of the default templates, then you can use one from our exlusive template collection.
  • If you want a more personalized frontpage on your game store, then we offer our own FREE GSB Addon that you can customize to become your own unique frontpage.
  • If you need a place to host your game store, then we offer affordable hosting.
  • If you need help or have any kind of question regarding this program, then you can use our forum to discuss with other users or search for information.

Download and try one of the games you will be selling